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KleinKinder and Willow Barn Montessori

where children can just be.... in the countryside!

Our Creative Activities 

Lucas grinding wheat for pancake mix

The activities on offer include:



painting with watercolours and oilpaint,

identifying birds, bugs, plants and trees,

making flour, bread and butter, jam

making herb potions,

planting vegetables and herbs,

making bird tables,

making paper and many seasonally based cooking activities,

working with wood, and many, many more.

The children get the chance to spin sheep’s wool and dye it with natural dyes, model with clay and have a go at chiselling. 

We also collect wood for our fire, play games and sing songs!

Some of the activities involve the children being responsible (such as feeding the animals),

Some will allow the children to be purely creative (such as free play and pottery) and

Some will be outcome based creativity (such as making herb potions).

The children get to choose!