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KleinKinder and Willow Barn Montessori

where children can just be.... in the countryside!

Anne is now offering Family Constellation therapy to children and adults who are suffering/have suffered from emotional or traumatic situations in their lives, to improve family relations or purely to try to improve situations.

Anne obtained her certificate in Systemic Constellation - the system-phenomenological approach (B. Hellinger) delivered by Lyudmila Semenova, a Russian tutor in Hellinger constellation work.

Anne completed training in: 

Basics in family constellation

Child-parent relationships

Man and Woman

Ancestry and relationships in the generations

Life and death, severe illnesses

Therapeutic work

Plastic figures for personal consultation

Anne's work is client-led. She uses figures to represent people or attributes and works with the ''morphic' field that is created with this kind of work.

Through the Constellation work emotions are gently released, sometimes long-held emotions carried from one generation to the next, and order is brought back to family/work/personal systems so that love can flow. 

It is a 'magical' therapy; no-one quite knowing how it works, but it can do, with often, immediate results and the permanent breaking of undesired patterns.

Anne works from her home in Lower Peasedown, evenings and weekends.

£40 per session, usually lasting 45 minutes.