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KleinKinder and Willow Barn Montessori

where children can just be.... in the countryside!


Anne Shiner is a qualified and experienced Primary and Early Years Montessori Teacher and after several years of working for other Montessori schools, has set up KleinKinder Montessori at her home.

There is a loose structure to the day at KleinKinder, enabling children to follow their own interests for as long as they want, without interruption, whether it is running outside, socialising or learning the continents of the world!

The children are able to choose activities from the shelves throughout the day and have a large fairly wild garden to play in. Healthy snacks are available at all times and the children play a key role in their preparation.

Montessori education puts great emphasis on not interrupting children when they are engrossed in an activity and not over-stimulating children. This is to enable them to increase their concentration levels and have the time to learn what they want to learn from each activity.

At KleinKinder, there are many Montessori activities and equipment on the shelves around the nursery, there is space for creativity and messy play and a quiet area with books and musical instruments and outdoor activities

The EYFS curriculum is followed and each child is introduced to appropriate activities dependent on what they can already achieve and what they are currently showing an interest in, then as they achieve further, extensions to these activities are introduced. Montessori is a child-centred approach to education and Maria Montessori urged teachers to 'follow the child' ie. to follow the child's interests and stage of development and not be predictive.

Carers work as low-key facilitators, and encourage the children to be independent and grow in confidence by providing child-sized equipment for the children, so that they can achieve various practical tasks for themselves, such as sweeping the floor and washing up. 

The equipment and activities are mostly wooden and natural and KleinKinder aims to be as environmentally aware as possible, such as using ecologically sound cleaning materials.

Fees for KleinKinder children are £6/hr. We accept 2 and 3-4 year old vouchers.